Café Lily
Kleine Leliestraat 33, 9712 TD

Café Lily

In the cozy Hortus neighborhood, between the city center and the Noorderplantsoen, you'll find café Lily located on Kleine Leliestraat. This café, reminiscent of a French bistro, is open all afternoon and evening. 


The owners, Pim and Marieke, previously operated the restaurant Eetwaar at this location for twelve and a half years. In January 2024, they transformed it into café Lily, catering to a broader audience and now also open for lunch, drinks, or just a cup of coffee. 


Café Lily offers an extensive all-day menu featuring a variety of snacks, sweets, seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. The cuisine is predominantly inspired by French cooking, with dishes like entrecote with fries and béarnaise sauce (main course), pain perdu (dessert), and oeufs mayonnaise (snack). In addition to the all-day menu, there are lunch specials available and an extensive drinks menu. 


Café Lily is open from Wednesday to Monday from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

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