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DOT is formerly known as the Infoversum. In 2014 it was designed by architectural group Archiview  as a 3D full dome theater for science, business and culture. We went immediately in person to see the show about the galaxy and it was amazing! 

A bit of history

The building, which is located on the corner of Bloemsingel and Vrydemalaan, was built in 2013 and April 2014. It consists of a projection dome with a size of 20 meters, surrounded by a construction of corten steel. The building was designed by Jack van der Palen of Architectengroep Archiview. The initiative for the creation of the building and the design of the planetarium theater came from Groningen professor of astronomy Edwin Valentijn. The then Infoversum was opened on June 17, 2014 by King's Commissioner Max van den Berg.

According to the media, the number of visitors to the Infoversum was projected at 250,000 per year, but remained at approximately 50,000. In fact, Infoversum received 80,000 visitors in the first year, while double the number had been expected, so that the Municipality of Groningen withdrew from the project very early. It could therefore be considered a failure and on November 24, 2015, Infoversum was declared bankrupt.

When it became DOT

In 2016, the building was taken over by Bos & Bos Catering, which succesfully converted the building into a DOT restaurant and conference center. It opened on September 23, 2016, and a city beach opened next to it the same year. It attracts many visitors in the summer and was later expanded to a total area of 4,000 square meters.

Events, dance parties, restaurant and cinema

At DOT they organise events, you can have dinner there and they use the full dome cinema for events and movienights. You can see all their events and buy the tickets online. It is also a fun place for families with children!

The city beach

The City beach has a public character and you can go there all time a year. Even during wintertime you see some supporters of the  Wim Hof method taking a plunge.In summer it is a crowded place full of (international) students that like to sunbath, take a swim and do some picknicking on the beach.

They can buy their drinks at the beachbar from DOT or take their own foods

The biggest Christmas Bulb of the World

Every year the building DOT becomes the biggest Christmas Bulb of the world. They start working on it in november. In december they enlighten all the 6000 lights to let the magic happen. The  lights bring a little/ lot of light into the darkness of the darkest months of the year. Switching on the lights does not just happen, but is  usually accompanied by a party! Check their website for information or follow their Instagram.

Arjen Schoneveld and Arjan Kruidhof built the hook for the Christmas ball for the 2020/2021 edition. A sleekly designed light object that adorned the Groningen skyline during the holidays.

Probably in 2023 it has been the last year that they enlightened the bulb, but DOT is working on a new plan!



Specifications of the Christmas ball hook

Height: 6.0m

Diameter: 4.5m

Steel used: 250m

Under the largest Christmas ball you can kick off the Christmas holidays during DOT's coziest bad Christmas party and ring in the new year during the DOT NYE party. We also serve a delicious dinner during the Christmas holidays.


6000 lights and more....

The DOT dome has a diameter of 26 meters.


At 6PM on the 6th of December

Every year on the 6th of December the lights will be turned on at 6 p.m. – and of course you want to be there! More about the event




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