Gratis parkeren Meerstad
Rostockweg 9, 9723 HG

Gratis parkeren Meerstad


Meerstad is a residential area in the east of the municipality of Groningen with 2,295 inhabitants (2021). The name refers to the combination of lake and city, but also to the four meer villages in this area: Middelbert, Engelbert, Euvelgunne and Roodehaan, which are part of Meerstad according to the plans. The Meerstad Park of the same name has been constructed on the northwest side of Meerstad. The project was started under the municipality of Slochteren but Groningen took over when the exploitation had difficulties and the debts started to become higher and higher. They also reshuffled the amount of houses that were supposed to be built.

So easy to combine free parking and a boat rental to the city of Groningen? A great idea right? Or just go there to make some lovely photos and catch the bus to the city. When you are back you can do your groceries, because there is a big supermarket and more shops.

P & R

Meerstad has a nice parking area and buses go to the City Center. It is free!

So if you just don't want to worry about parking your car? Or do you have a car that is higher than the average 1.90m of a regular garage? 

There are a few Park and Ride locations. You park your car there and take the P&R bus to city Center.

Parking in such a site is free and a P+R return ticket to the center is not that expensive.

You can buy this ticket in the Qbuzz webshop or on the bus itself.

You can leave your car as long as you want.

Below is a handy overview of all P&R areas around the city: P+R Kardinge, Kardingerplein 1. 780 places. P+R Hoogkerk, Peizerweg. 1215 places. P+R Haren/A28, Emmalaan 35. 825 places. P+R Reitdiep, Friesestraatweg 251. 300 places. P+R Meerstad, Driebondsweg. 400 places.

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