Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre, located in the heart of Groningen, serves as a flagship for performing arts.

They actively engage with our community, collaborating with audiences, local creatives, societal partners, and national/international artists. Grand Theatre explores new ideas, connections, and approaches to make professional performing arts meaningful for the residents of North Netherlands, extending beyond the physical boundaries of our theater.

Opening hours

7 Days a Week the TheatreCafe is open from 9AM to 6 PM


They host Northern theater and music festivals, collaborate with SPOT for youth theater during school holidays, support local theater makers with facilities and expertise, and welcome new local initiatives, such as storytelling events, talk shows, film programs, and pub quizzes. We actively seek collaborations with societal and non-cultural partners through projects like Meet the Neighbours, connecting with communities we may not know well.



Some of the collaboration partners include Station Noord, Stichting Prime/Soundsofmusic, Noorderzon Festival, Noordstaat, Quiet Groningen, SPOT, Eurosonic/Noorderslag, Noord Nederlands Toneel, Jonge Harten, and Het Houten Huis.



Grand Theatre's rich history began in 1930 as a cinema in Groningen. After surviving events like the city's liberation in 1945 and a period of vacancy in 1977, the building underwent significant renovations in 1994, becoming a hub for artistic freedom. Despite facing financial challenges and a temporary closure in 2015, Grand Theatre rose again in 2016 with support from cultural partners and the city, establishing itself as a contemporary and independent creative space.


You can rent a space, podium or the bar for your event! Check their website for more information

Supported by

Grand Theatre receives ongoing support from the Municipality of Groningen and the Performing Arts Fund.

Grand Theatre is an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), a recognized public benefit organization.

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