Zernike Campus
Zernikepark 1, 9747 AA

Zernike Campus

Zernike Campus

At the Campus, companies and institutions with a passion for research, education and entrepreneurship work closely together to create real impact in the field of Healthy Aging, Sustainable Society and Energy.

One of the best-known and oldest campuses

One of the best-known and oldest campuses in the Netherlands is the Zernike Campus. This campus originated in the late 1960s of the last century on the northern edge of the city of Groningen. The first buildings on the campus were for research and education in natural sciences and engineering at the University of Groningen (UG). Subsequently, there were knowledge-intensive companies and spin offs from the university. The campus became more and more alive when the Hanze University of Applied Sciences established itself on the campus. Thus, an intensive ecosystem was created for public-private cooperation with knowledge institutions, numerous companies and facilities such as Innolab Chemie Groningen, Zernike NanoLab Groningen, Energy Transition Center EnTrance, Energy Academy Europe, Cube050 incubator and the Zernike Advanced Processing facility. This gives the location Zernike Campus an increasingly clear profile focusing on energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data.

Why you should visit the Campus?

Every time if I spend a visit on the Campus, I am amazed by the type of architecture. It is very diverse and modern. Most of the buildings are also sustainable on a special way. So if you are interested in buildings and maybe you consider to go study in the Netherlands, then this campus is certainly worth a visit!



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