Ice skating in Groningen

Jan 7, 2024 • 6 minuten leestijd

Ice skating in Groningen

Outdoor Ice skating

When the temperature drops, we might be lucky again and skate outdoors in the city of Groningen.  


Header photo and this photo: Stella Dekker (Beeldbank Marketing Groningen)


The Canals

One of the highlights of ice skating in Groningen is the possibility of gliding gracefully along the frozen canals that crisscross the city. When the temperatures drop, these waterways transform into natural ice rinks, creating a magical atmosphere. Skaters can weave through the historic city center, passing by charming bridges, traditional Dutch houses, and iconic landmarks, creating a picturesque winter wonderland.


Paterswoldse lake

Nothing beats skating on natural waters in Groningen! 

Check this video for the real deal and be impressed.



I would call ‘Paterswoldsemeer’ the most popular place in Groningen to do iceskating when the weather allows it! When the lake is frozen, the hotels and restaurants transform into a wintersport scenery. Just like you are on a wintersport holiday! It is glühwein, hot chocolate (ofcourse we allow ourselves some whipped cream) and wood fires around the lake. Even if you don't like the cold and skating, you will like it from now on.


Grab a Chair

If you are unable to do iceskating, take a chair like I did  the last time (won't share the video because I went so quick you would no be able to follow it) or take a sled and find a nice person who is willing to pull you over the lake! This party is for everybody!


Restaurants around the Lake

These are the restaurants that serve some nice drinks and bites around the Paterswoldsemeer.


De Rietschans

De Twee Provinciën

Strandpaviljoen Paterswoldsemeer

VWDTP the watersports club (non profit)

Kaaphoorn  (when you choose to go skating at Hoornseplas, the little sister part of the Paterswoldsemeer)


Outdoor Ice Skating Tracks

There are a lot of iceskating clubs around Groningen. We will mention a few to give you some options to check it out.



Where to buy or rent skates in Groningen

What if you don't have your own skates or you don't fit them anymore? There is a specialised shop for skates at Kardinge and it is called ‘Perfect Skate’ and this is the link to have an impression! They give you a good advise and they have a 4.9 review score on Google.  Also very easy to park since there is much space. You could easily combine it with skating indoors at  Kardinge Ice Track (more about it late

At Kardinge Ice Track you can also just rent skates, if you have kids that seem to grow by the minute, that would be a smart idea!


To buy skates, you can also visit Decathlon and DAKA, both are big shops and they are located at Sontplein in Groningen where there is a big parking space. 


Indoor Ice skating

Can't wait any longer for the natural ice to come? And… for those seeking a more structured environment, Groningen boasts an artificial ice rink that cater to different skill levels. The Kardinge Ice Rink, for instance, is a popular venue equiped with a large indoor rink and additional outdoor rinks. Here, skaters of all ages can enjoy the icy thrill in a controlled and comfortable setting. 



Kids wintersports activities

You can also organise skate parties for kids at Kardinge Ice Rink. More wintersport parties for kids (and adults) can be enjoyed at Snow Limits. I have done ski-ing courses there and it was very much fun! We also organised a kids party where the kids did sledding on a course and a ski- ing course. But, do not forget the most important part, the apres- ski!


Photo:  Snow Limits Groningen
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