Childfriendly hotspots in Groningen for sunny and rainy days

Aug 23, 2023 • 12 minuten leestijd

Childfriendly hotspots in Groningen for sunny and rainy days

Kidsproof activities and hotspots to must-visit with your kids in and around Groningen

Going out with children in Groningen is highly recommended. There are so many nice hotspots in Groningen that are also child-friendly. In this blog we write about going out with kids where outdoor and indoor activities are both mentioned. Although we are not made of sugar, we don't want to risk it!

And last but not least! Overnachten in Stijl is giving away 1 child ticket for a fun kidsproof festival You can find more information about this in our blog.

Now that the summer holidays are in full swing, moms and dads sometimes have to be creative in finding fun activities with younger children. Groningen is a great destination if you want to be active with your family. Not only fun activities, but there are also many child-friendly restaurants in Groningen and nice shops that you can visit.
We offer a selection of child-friendly activities and hotspots in the city of Groningen.

Stroller friendly breakfast hotspots with a playroom in Groningen

Start the day with a good breakfast with your family in Groningen. As a young family, it is nice if there is a play corner and enough space to navigate with the stroller. You can get a kid-proof breakfast at the Concerthuis and Doppio location Brugstraat in Groningen, have a nice play area and plenty of room for younger children to play.

Out and about with kids in the open air with sunny temperatures

When the sun finally shines, you would like to do outdoor activities with your kids in Groningen.
If you have double checked the Buienradar and it gives away sunshine, we are all thrilled in Groningen. Active kids? We recommend that you go to the outdoor swimming pool De Papiermolen. If you want to swim both indoors and outdoors, you can also consider Sportcentrum Kardinge, which also has a fun wave pool and a toddlers' pool.
Groningen from the water. If the kids already have their swimming certificate and want to be sporty on the water, you can rent a SUP or canoe, kayak or pedal boat at Bedrijfsnat in the city of Groningen. Book directly with them online. Before the break, stop at Bij de Sluis for a savory sandwich, ice cream or a smoothie.
You can also enjoy swimming in natural water at the Hoornseplas in Groningen. For lunch included a playground outdoors and indoors, you go to beach club Kaap Hoorn. Hoornse plas has also a sandy beach with a nice playground with climbing ropes.

The playground in the Noorderplantsoen park offers a wonderful opportunity for children who love to climb. There are play ropes and a large sandpit, but for the older children there is also a basketball court. Cars are not allowed in the park, but there are of course many cyclists. For a snack and drink, you can go to the beautiful ZONDAG pavilion or vegan lunchcafe Mahalo or just take it easy and buy some snacks at the nearby supermarket at Kerklaan. There are special BBQ spots nearby the big playground and if you take your dog there are many unleashed walking zones.
A large playground and petting zoo where you can enjoy yourself all morning or afternoon is in the Stadspark Groningen. Easy to park there, if you need to bring a stroller and enough space for kids to run around! For many kids it is also a dream come true if they can go on a pony ride. There are mini ponies in the park! If your kids are older and like a bit of competition you can go for a Disc Golf competition. The course is in the whole Stadspark and very recommendable to do! You can also read about it on the Touristical Page of Groningen named Visit Groningen. A recommendation if you need some more inspiration!

If you want to have a nice meal with the whole family afterwards, you can go to the restaurant at the Stadsparkcamping. Not done playing yet? At this campsite they also have a jeu de boule court and table tennis table.
We have a number of recommendations in the category of adventure parks in the province of Groningen. Have you ever visited a corn maze? Never? We recommend wandering among the corn stalks. Please note the opening hours in advance. The theme changes every year and the journey through the cornfield is an exciting and adventurous experience. It is suitable for all ages.
Most kids have a phase when they are fascinated by dinosaurs. It is recommended to visit the dinosaur park in Wedde. Enjoy the whole day outside. Over the water in a boat through the water park, 3D archery and in the summer there are also circus performances.
The Blotevoetenpad in Slochteren atLandgoed de Freylemaborg is highly recommended. Take off your shoes and socks and the 3.5 km path leads you past shrubs, trees and plants that you can feel and touch. A nice recommendation if you want to be busy in nature.

Children's festival in Haren - Win a Kids TICKET

Win a  kidsticket for the Children's Festival Haren at OvernachteninStijl
Think of a nice quote why Groningen is so much fun and mail it to about mentioning Children's Festival Haren. The nicest quote we probably use for a new plan and wins a children's ticket to the Children's Festival which will take place on Saturday 9 September. Do you have kids between the ages of 3 and 12 and do you love everything that has to do with theatre, art, music and nature? Then this is highly recommended must-visit in Groningen. The festival is loated at the beautiful Hortus in Haren (you will return as well to visit the Hortus)  from 12:00 to 19:00 for workshops, theater and much more. You will hear whether you have won by September 1 at the latest.

Indoor activities for children

In the Netherlands it often rains, so you want a place where you can let your children play nice and dry. To save time, we have already made a nice list of indoor activities in Groningen.
We start with the best horse in the stable. A visit to the library of the Groninger Forum is definitely worth it. The building is beautiful. There are many nice seating areas where you can relax in the Forum and in the Library to read a book to your children. There are many interactive games to play, there is a climbing net where children up to the age of 12 can enjoy themselves safely. There is a very nice cinema where many fun children's films are shown, especially during the holiday season.
There are regular exhibitions. Discover how Batman, Donald Duck or Tom Poes come to life in Storyworld. Visit Disney Telling Timeless Stories. Let yourself be taken through the history of animation and comics, learn all about the magic behind the different characters. There is so much to see and do!
Especially during the school holidays in Groningen, many fun activities are organized in the Smart Lab and the Media Lab in the Groninger Forum. For example, a 3D printing demonstration, where the child can also 3D print something himself. This is free.
And.. if it is dry for a while, don't forget to go all the way to the top of the Groninger Forum. The view is great!

There are two indoor playgrounds in Groningen. There is one we can recommend from a personal experience and that is Monkey Town. Again a place to easy park your car and there is a big furniture showroom if you are looking for new furnishment or inspiration. As a parent if you want to read a book quietly then this is not your place to go to! Or bring a headset.

If your kids like trampolines, then you should really visit Jump XL, well it is already in the name so no further explanation from our end necessary! Would you prefer to take a jump yourself with your kids, once a year there is the Springkussen Festival in Martiniplaza. Make sure you have a good stamina or the kids will out-jump you! Usually it is organised during Autumn School Holiday. 

If you like a challenge then this is your place to be. Maybe with teenagers a good place to go. Groningen's most exciting Escape Room should be Groningen Escape Hunt at Het Hout in Groningen. Parking is ideally and if the kids like to have the not too healthy fastfood you can go to KFC, Mc Donalds, Subway, Sushi Mall or IKEA afterwards 

Shopping with kids
Shopping with kids is not a big hobby for many parents. But if you take them to the next shops, it will be a great pleasure.
For nice children's clothing where your children are pampered with a glass of soft drink, go to the Juniorshop. You can buy fun games, toys from the old box at Asbran in Groningen. Children can also play with a huge marble track. A bookshop with a special children's section can be found at Riemer in the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat in Groningen.
The Groningen Children's Bookshop De Kleine Kapitein is located close to the Vismarkt and apart from books, you will also find lots of fun toys, globes and cuddly toys. In short, shopping with children can also be fun in the city of Groningen.

Child-friendly restaurants in and around the city of Groningen

There are a number of restaurants that are fully equipped for dining with children, where the children can also play outside. We give a list from personal experience.

At number 1 is Restaurant Garnwerd aan Zee! A wonderful place with trampolines and a beach. Also a nice place for water sports. An important plus is that you can easily park there. If you have a stroller with you, that is ideal. This also applies to KAAPHOORN, which we have already mentioned in this blog.

The restaurant Eethuys Stadspark is also a nice cozy place (easy to reach both by bike and by car). When the weather is nice, the children can also play outside after their visit to the Stadspark. Do you want something completely different, but nice in the Stadspark? You wouldn't think of an all you can eat restaurant, but Ni Hao in the Stadsparkpaviljoen is a true children's paradise. The chocolate fountain is of course a childhood dream. You dip your marshmallow in it and then enjoy! There is also a sweets department. In addition to Chinese food, you can also get a children's menu. Children can play both indoors and outdoors and you can combine it with a visit to the Stadspark Groningen.
So you can read again that Groningen has many child-friendly places and that families here in the Northern Capital don't have to be bored.

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