Rammstein 2023 in Groningen

Jul 9, 2023 • 2 minuten leestijd

Rammstein 2023 in Groningen


Rammstein coming to Groningen. So ofcourse all of our accommodations in Groningen were fully booked a year ago, the weekend of 6 to 8th of July 2023. PS. And beyond luckily!

Once upon a time, in the charming city of Groningen, the legendary German rock band Rammstein decided to hold their latest concert.  

The news spread like wildfire, and the excitement in the air was palpable.  Although there were mixed feelings from different sides of the community. Nature lovers had fears about the birds and other animals in the park and the effects of the fireworks.  It could only be happening in Groningen that a judge had to decide on this same day of the concert, if the concert was about to continue.

Fans from all corners of the world flocked to the city, ready to witness the explosive energy and pyrotechnic spectacle that only Rammstein could deliver.

As the day of the concert arrived, the Groningen venue was packed to the brim with enthusiastic fans. The atmosphere was electric, and anticipation hung in the air like a swirling mosh pit. People were dressed in elaborate costumes, ranging from leather-clad metalheads to fans wearing full-body flaming suits, clearly inspired by Rammstein's signature fiery performances.

We decided to go and see what was the fuss about, Rammstein 2023 in Groningen. Conclusion. The fireworks gave us a warm feeling! We liked it, it was a spectacle. And, we noticed when picking up our bikes that the birds tried to sing louder than Rammstein! 

And we noticed when picking up our bikes. And the fireworks gave us a warm feeling!

Photo: Ruud Sweering

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