Winterwelvaart in Groningen

Dec 14, 2023 • 5 minuten leestijd

Winterwelvaart in Groningen

Since many years a steady yearly event, Winter Welvaart in Groningen.
Experience a cherished tradition: immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of WinterWelvaart, where the quays of the Hoge and Lage der A come alive with historic and often monumental ships on the last weekend before Christmas.


The ships

Well-known clippers and cutters such as the Nicolaas Mulerius, the Jade, the Mars, the Pelikaan, the Willem Jacob and the Jantje are present. All sailing ships with special acts on board. There is also music, theater and art on motor ships such as the .de Verwondering, de Cinclus and Sleepboot nr. 4.



There is an attractive winter market on the quays of the Hoge and Lage der A and there are various performances and children's activities in the Museum aan de A and the Akerk.
WinterWelVaart is truly one of the most photographed events in the city and the entrance is free.
The 'Der A's quays give a home to centuries-old warehouses and stately buildings, making them some of the most picturesque spots in the city center. The scene is daily photographed by many visitors in Groningen. Experience a photogenic transformation of canals and quays with numerous beautifully lit, predominantly historic ships exclusively for WinterWelVaart.


What to expect?

Explore a wealth of activities both on board the ships and along the quays. 
The ships set the stage for intimate concerts, exhibitions, and performances. Whilst strolling along the quay you will find tasty delights, a Christmas market, and engaging children's activities.


A video impression of Winterwelvaart


Art Route

Don't miss the Art Route, you can read about it on this link
The art route is featuring participation from numerous galleries around the quay. Every year many wellknown artists exhibit their art and their are also some from 'De Ploeg'.  Additionally, the Northern Maritime Museum in Groningen, nowadays the name is 'Museum aan de A' offers its own set of activities and you can read more about it here at


Stay in Groningen during Winterwelvaart

Stay in Groningen for a memorable weekend celebrating history, culture, and the festive spirit in the heart of the city! 
Nearest hotel to book during Winterwelvaart at the Quay is Hotel Miss Blanche.
So if you would like to combine your visit to Groningen and spend some nights in a lovely hotel, you can press this link.

If you prefer a holidayhome or apartment, then Loft 6 and Rooftop 31 are nearby or even the apartment st. Patricks located at A-weg. All of these apartments can be booked on OvernachteninStijl. Check this link 


Explore from the water

Did you know that you can book a winterboat tour through the canals to experience Winterwelvaart from the water?
The watersports company Bedrijfsnat organises it and you can book until a maximum of 40 guests.
Check the following link to book:


Food during Winterwelvaart

If you would like to have a nice view along the quay there are some suggestions where you can book a nice table.
The first one would be Het Pomphuis, they have a cafe but also a very good restaurant. If you are looking for something casual and modern, you can book your seat at Wadapartja.
Check the links below

Het Pomphuis, located at Kleine der A 7 and check the link at
Wadapartja, located at Pottebakkersrijge 2 and check the




There is no entrance fee.
Facebookpage Link:
Instagrampage Link:
The timetables are on the website of Winterwelvaart, press this link 

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